For: 3D Visualization


The energy landscape of nanoscale ferroic materials can be influenced through geometric patterning or confinement and through interfacial interactions. We aim to explore and control the formation of novel distributions of spin and charge in nanastructures consisting of patterned ferromagnetic, ferroelectric and multiferroic heterostructures. We will also explore how confinement and charged defects affect the charge transport behavior in resistance switching oxides, by visualizing the 3D distribution of conducting filaments and by creating artificial resistance switching networks.


Our approach involves a combination of aberration-corrected Lorentz transmission electron microscopy and advanced scanning force microscopy that we use to address the scientific questions related to ferroic nanostructure behavior and resistance switching oxides. A particular focus is the use of three-dimensional analysis and imaging techniques that we have developed to visualize domain and transport behavior in nanostructures as a function of external stimuli such as applied fields, temperature, environment and time.