Materials Science 2014 Colloquiums

Room D172, Building 241 (Energy Sciences Building), Argonne National Laboratory

Thursdays at 11:00am

Refreshments served at 10:45 am

Scheduled Colloquia


Special Colloquium
November 6 — R. Ramesh CANCELED
Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Physics, and
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720
Coupling Magnetism To Electricity In Multiferroic Heterostructures


Special Colloquium
December 4 — Héctor D. Abruña
Cornell University
Operando Methods for the Characterization of Energy Materials

Future Colloquiums (2015)

Special Colloquium
January 8 — Ram Seshadri
University of California, Santa Barbara
Bold Brush-Strokes Across A Broad Canvas: Inorganic Materials for Lighting Phosphors, Transparent Conductors, and Thermoelectrics

Special Colloquium
February 9 — George Sawatzky
University of California, Berkeley

Special Colloquium
March 12 — Zvonimir Dogic
Brandeis University

Special Colloquium
April 2 — Peter Schiffer

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Special Colloquium
May 7 — Alessandra Lanzara

University of California, Berkeley

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Colloquium Committee

  • Ray Osborn (Chair)
  • Igor Aronson
  • Olle G. Heinonen
  • Seungbum Hong
  • J. Samuel Jiang
  • Alex Martinson
  • Hoydoo You
  • Marlene Metz(Secretary)