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AMANDA K Petford-Long
Material Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL 60439

Tel 630/252-5480
Fax 630/252-4798

D.Phil in Materials Science, University of Oxford, UK

Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

19861990 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Materials, University of Oxford
19911993 Glasstone Research Fellowship, Department of Materials, University of Oxford
19931999 Royal Society University Research Fellow, Department of Materials, University of Oxford
1999 2002 Reader in Materials, Department of Materials, University of Oxford; Tutor for Materials, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford
2002 2005 Professor of Materials, Department of Materials, University of Oxford; Tutor for Engineering and Materials, and Tutor for Graduates, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford.
2005- present Senior Scientist Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory.
2008-present Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

2003 Wolhfarth lecture prize
2005 elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
2008 elected to Fellowship of the American Physical Society

Session Chair and Program Committee member for Magnetism and Magnetic Materials conferences and Intermag conferences.
Proceedings editor for Intermag (2003 and 2006)
Advisory Editor for Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials; member of IEEE Trans. Mag. Editorial board.
MRSEC steering committee, Physics Department, Univ of Nebraska
Member of on-site review team for Materials Science Division, Brookhaven National Lab, 2008

  • The correlation of magnetic, transport and optical properties of layered ferroic thin films with microstructure, magnetic domain structure and composition profile, determined using a range of high-resolution electron-microscopy and position-sensitive atom probe techniques, including Lorentz microscopy for imaging magnetic domains. Development of in-situ TEM techniques for the investigation of magnetization reversal, transport behavior and in-situ crystallization.

Approximately 20 D.Phil students at University of Oxford and Northwestern University, approximately 15 Masters students at University of Oxford. Graduated students from last five years: Jean Paul Barnes (CEA-LETI), Ana de Morais (Scientific Consulting), Young-suk Choi (CANON-Anelva), Alex Eggeman (Cambridge Univ.), Tom Bromwich (Bain Consulting), Dan Kirk (Oxford Univ.), Supree Pinitsoontorn, (Bangkok Univ.)

"In-situ TEM studies of magnetisation reversal processes in magnetic nanostructures", A KPetford-Long, Fall MRS meeting, Boston, MA, Dec 2005.
"The application of microscopy to structure-property relationships in nanoscale magnetic structures", A KPetford-Long, Fall MRS meeting, Boston, MA, Dec 2005.
"Magnetic nanostructures: Lorentz TEM studies of magnetization reversal processes, A KPetford-Long, A Kohn, T J Bromwich and A Eggeman, Microscopy and Microanalysis 2006, Chicago, August 2006.
"In-situ TEM studies of magnetization reversal and transport in magnetic nanostructures", A.K. Petford-Long, A.N. Chiaramonti, M. Tanase and D.K. Schreiber, Frontiers of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science (FEMMS), Rohnert Park, CA, September 2428, 2007.
"Relationships between structure and properties in nanomagnetic materials", A.K. Petford-Long, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM)-Intermag, Baltimore, MD, Jan 811, 2007
"The role of interfaces in the behavior of magnetic tunnel junction structures", A KPetford-Long, 7th International Workshop on Interfaces: New materials via interfacial control, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, June 23-26, 2008.
"Magnetization reversal and transport in magnetic nanostructures: an in-situ TEM study", A KPetford-Long, Advanced Electron Microscopy in Materials Science Workshop, Oak Ridge National Lab, TN, 1719 November 2008
"Magnetic materials for nanoscale information storage: magnetic measurement and imaging techniques", A KPetford-Long, APS March meeting, Pittsburgh PA, 1519 March 2009.

"Atomic scale structure of sputtered metallic multilayers", X W Zhou, HN G Wadley, R A Johnson, D J Larson, NTabat, A Cerezo, A KPetford-Long, G D WSmith, PHClifton, R L Martens and T FKelly, Acta Mat. 49 40054015 (2001).
"Structural studies of Ag nanocrystals embedded in amorphous Al2O3 grown by pulsed laser deposition", J PBarnes, A KPetford-Long, R C Doole, R Serna, J Gonzalo, A Suarez, CN Afonso and D Hole, Nanotechnology 13(4), 465470 (2002).
"Determination of the isothermal nucleation and growth parameters for the crystallisation of thin Ge2Sb2Te5 films", G. Ruitenberg, A.K. Petford-Long and R.C. Doole, J. Appl. Phys. 92, 31163123 (2002).
"Information storage materials: nanoscale characterisation by three-dimensional atom probe analysis", D J Larson, A KPetford-Long, Y Q Ma and A Cerezo, Acta Mat 52(10) 28472862 (2004).
"Spin injection from the Heusler alloy Co2MnGe into Al0.1Ga0.9As/GaAs heterostructures", X Y Dong, C Adelmann, J Q Yie, C J Palmstrom, X Lou, J Strand, P A Crowell, J PBarnes and A KPetford-Long, Appl. Phys. Lett. 86, 102107-1102107-3 (2005).
"The formation mechanism of aluminium oxide tunnel barriers: three-dimensional atom probe analysis", A KPetford-Long, D J Larson, Y Q Ma, A Cerezo, E WSingleton and BWKarr, J. Appl. Phys. 98, 124904-1124904-6 (2005).
"Interface effects in highly oriented films of the Heusler alloy Co2MnSi on GaAs (001)", L J Singh, Z HBarber, A Kohn and A KPetford-Long, J Appl Phys 99, 013904-1013904-4 (2006).
"Remanent magnetic states and interactions in nano-pillars", T J Bromwich, T Kasama, R KKChong, R E Dunin-Borkowski, A KPetford-Long, OHeinonen and C A Ross, Nanotechnology 17, 43674373 (2006).
"Micromagnetic modelling of spin-wave dynamics in exchange-biased Permalloy disks", OHeinonen, D KSchreiber and A KPetford-Long, Phys. Rev. B76, 144407 (2007).
"Transmission electron microscopy of multilayer thin films", A KPetford-Long and A NChiaramonti, Annu Rev. Mater. Res. 38, 559584 (2008).
"Effect of annealing on local composition and electrical transport correlations in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions," A.N. Chiaramonti, D.K. Schreiber, W.F. Egelhoff, D.N. Seidman, and A.K. Petford-Long, Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 103113 (2008).
"Magnetization reversal in circularly exchange-biased ferromagnetic disks", M Tanase, A KPetford-Long, OHeinonen, KSBuchanan, J Sort and J Nogues, Phys. Rev. B79, 014436 (2009).
"Determination of magnetic vortex polarity from a single Lorentz Fresnel image", C D Phatak, M Tanase, A KPetford-Long and M De Graef, Ultramicrosc. 109, 264267 (2009).
"Micromagnetic modelling of the magnetization dynamics in a circularly exchange-biased and exchange-coupled ferromagnetic trilayer", D KSchreiber, O G Heinonen and A KPetford-Long, Phys. Rev B80(1), 014411 (2009).

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